Here at Chilli Wall Art our mission is to make wallpapering easy for everyone!

 We print the amount of drops you need with extra wiggle room. All designs are available in Peel & Stick and Traditional Wallpaper

View our range of Peel & Stick and Traditional Wallpaper

Peel & Stick wallpapers are ideal for renters and homeowners alike.
No paste required, mess free and easy to fit by everyone.
  • Custom Pet Portraits

    Add your pets portraits to this framed pattern. The background colour can remain green or changed to your own pawfect colour choice.

  • Custom Patterns

    Do have your own artwork that you want to transform into your own bespoke wallpaper?

    We can create seamless patterns and colour way options. 

  • Custom A-Z Maps

    The iconic A-Z map! A fantastic backdrop for any room or office. We can create maps of any area in the UK. 

  • Murals & Photowalls

    We can print murals and photowalls from your high resolution scans and photography and photographs.