Fitting Guide

Step 1: Check the contents of your order

Check you have the correct amount of wallpaper drops and it matches your personalised installation plan.

Step 2: Prepare wall surface

Adhesive and dust don't get along!

Yes! Ensure your walls are smooth, dust, dirt, mold and grease free. Clean the surface with a dampened cloth and remove any loose paint. We advise filling and smooting down any holes or surface imperfections.

Please see FAQ Technical - Preparation & Application

Step 3: Lets get this straight!

Walls and ceilings are rarely perfectly straight, this cannot be overstated!

To ensure your first drop is installed perfectly straight, use a spirit level or plumb line and mark a straight edge.

Our drops have 75mm top and bottom to allow wriggle room for sloping walls and ceilings. These can be trimmed back at the end.

Ideally start with Drop No2 (see your install guide with your order).

Please see FAQ Technical - Preparation & Application

Step 4: Installing the 1st wallpaper drop

Ideally start with Drop No2 (see your install guide with your order).

For Peel & Stick wallpaper: Peel the backing paper off the top, around 300mm. Position to the top of the wall and align to your straight edge, (allowing the 100mm excess at the top for trimming back).

Slowly pull the backing paper away and using your applicator work your way down the wallpaper from centre out, until you reach the bottom.

The same applies for pasted wallpaper just without removing backing paper.

Step 5: Lining up drops with guide tabs

We make it super easy. Each drop will have guide tabs at the top that will help you line up your drops. Just match up the guide tabs on each drop and repeat steps 3-5.

Step 6: Trimming

Using a craft knife and straight edge, trim away any excess wallpaper. For pasted wallpaper allow to dry slightly before trimming.

Step 7: What to do if you have air bubbles

Walls are breathable which should allow the air to escape. But if you do have some troublesome bubbles, you can prick it with a pin in the centre and smooth the trapped air.